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neema school kenya trust

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The Neema School ( Kenya ) Trust was set up ten years ago after the founders,Margaret and Geoff Trimby,had been on a holiday in Kikambala after buying a timeshare .

They immediately fell in love with the country and its people. The Kenyans are the most friendly and happy nation of people who have absolutely nothing. Many of them live in villages, in huts with no water, no sanitation, no electricity and very little in the way of food or clothing. Imagine the children of England trying to cope with this - no computers, I pods or mobile phones !!

Margaret and Geoff went to visit a small poor school housed in a shed , no desks just 35 children sitting on the earth floor. The teacher had an old blackboard and bits of chalk to write work onto the blackboard. She then had to go outside as there was not enough space for her and the children in the room. The room was hot , airless and dirty. The children's clothing was dirty and in holes and they did not have books or pencils.

The first thing they did after this visit was to go to Mombasa  to buy exercise books , pencils and chalk and take them to the school teacher.

Margaret and Geoff  decided they wanted to help and when they came home to England set about fund raising to build a school for the poor and orphaned children in the area.