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neema school kenya trust

Help us to help them  

The Trustees have been given a 2 acre plot of land in a village called  Kikambala near Mombasa in Kenya. It is a very poor rural area . There is very little work there so the villagers have to try to find ways of earning money. Some work in the hotels ( these are ones who did manage to afford some education and attained the school certificate ) Others work on the beach trying to sell carvings, trips on boats and safaries. Often they do not manage to earn enough to feed their family let alone clothe them.

The plot is situated behind the Sun N Sand hotel which has since closed down so there are no visitors and so no work at all for the local families. There are no holiday makers visiting so no one to sell their goods to. It is very sad to see the little gift shops closed down.

We were hoping that holiday makers who visited the Sun N Sand would go to visit the school site and would donate funds to help this charity when they returned to England. Anyone who meets and speaks to the children cannot help being moved by their plight and will wish to help us to help them. Now the hotel has closed ,the need for this free school to educate the children of the poor and destitute is even more important.

Please help by giving a little money each month to pay for the teachers and the up keep of the school buildings.