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neema school kenya trust

Help us to help them  

The charity was set up to raise money to build a school with water ,electricity and sanitation. It was also decided to collect books, clothing ,shoes and toiletries to send out to the families in Kikambala.

The charity became registered  in 2007 .The charity registration number is 1118854 . So far it has raised 34,000.

The first 3 classrooms of the school building are now built, window frames and doors are now made, fitted and varnished and the  classroom walls have been brightly painted. A well has been dug to serve the villagers as well as supply the water for the toilet block. The water tower has been built and the water tank connected to an electric pump and water is now pumped over to the toilet block. The toilet block has been furnished with the toilets , showers and washbasins.

The first class opened 3/01/2012 and we now have 120 pupils who would not have received eduction without our school.



The school will be fully equiped with desks, books, stationery and toys so the children can learn how to play as well as learning academic subjects. We have a large amount of donated goods which we need to transport over to Kenya but cannot find any transport that we can afford yet.

Teachers have been selected by the Board of Governers and paid a reasonable wage.

School uniforms are given to each child attending when funds permit or we can get all donated goods out there.

A meal will be provided each day so the children will be fed at least once a day again when funds permit.

It only cost 3 per day to give all 120 children a breakfast of porridge. We have a kitchen and all equipment needed so we are now looking for donations to buy the food.

Bursaries will eventually be set up to help clever children go on to secondery education.