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neema school kenya trust

Help us to help them  

                         Gifts for Christmas/ Birthdays/ Easter/ Anniversaries and any other occasion.

Why not give a gift  that will really make a difference -- it will help people who have nothing. The children in Kenya are brought up with very strong religious beliefs -- whether Muslim, Catholic, Methodist or any other faith. The Christians attend church every Sunday . On some of the most important days of the Christian faith --Easter and Christmas --they will not sit down to big meals, open lots of presents and eat lots of sweets. They will celebrate by going to Church, the services usually last all day and are very different to ours.

Whether they get a meal will depend on whether their family can afford to buy food.

 If the children can get education and obtain their school certificate then they have a better chance of finding work when they grow up.

Please send gifts this year to friends and relatives to help these poor families :--

School uniform -----               3.00 each child

A School desk and chair ---     50.00

A roofing sheet ----               17.50

A bag of cement -----              7.00

60 Building blocks  -----         10.00

A weeks pay for a builder/

electrician or plumber ----     25.00

half a ton of sand -----         50.00

A months pay for a teacher 65.00

These gifts will last for years and you can go and visit them , and the children, in Kikambala when ever you want to.!   We can provide gift certificates for the items of your choice.

Please give generously and help to get this school finished.