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neema school kenya trust

Help us to help them  

                                                                         Neema Sponsorship programme.

Thank you for looking at our website. The sponsorship programme is a new venture for us and will help the children and teachers of " The Neema School for the Needy " by giving regular income. This will provide the children with free uniform, books and stationery and a meal a day.

Now the school is open we need on going funds to pay the teachers, caretaker, electricity and the maintenance of the school buildings and toilets.

By sponsoring a child you will be helping them and the upkeep of the school, giving the children a good start in their education to help them gain employment in the future.

Education is the most important thing we can give a child. The poorest of children are eager for education as they know it is their only hope to escape the poverty they have been born into.

Please give a monthly amount to the Trust -- every penny will go to the children-- so we can continue our work with the school.

3.00 per month will provide a child with a meal a day.

5.00 per month will provide a child with a meal a day and stationery.

10.00 per month will provide a child with a meal a day ,stationery and uniform and help towards the teachers pay.

Please give a little each month to help us to help them. They really deserve better than they have.


                                    Bankers order form


To the Manager:----                   Name of your Bank


Address of Bank                                                                                                                     Postcode


Account name                                                                        Account number


Sort code


Date of first payment.


I hereby authorize you to pay the sum of                                per month to the


Neema School Kenya Trust


Bank :------ Barclays Bank PLC    Stamford Street     Ashton Under Lyne


Account number       00691461                                                 Sort Code    20-02-77


I hereby agree that the charity can claim gift aid on this amount. ( delete if a non tax payer.)


Signed                                                                                 Date






Post code


To qualify for gift aid, what you pay in income tax and/or capital gains tax must at least equal the amount the charity will reclaim on your donation for that tax year.


Please return form to the secretary :--- Mrs Margaret Trimby 


9, Pear Tree Close Hadfield   Glossop         SK13 2HA


The Bankers order form will be sent on to your bank.